About Virtual Conference 2021

PECB Anti-Bribery Conference 2021

The upcoming PECB Anti-Bribery Conference is a virtual event scheduled for May 17-20, 2021, which targets professional and anticorruption experts and enthusiasts all around the world. Considering the importance of tacking the global crisis of corruption, this conference will address some key issues and challenges related to the combating of bribery around the world and the importance and role of ISO 37001 and other related regulatory frameworks and standards in this regard.

What can organizations do to end the impact corruption has in everyone’s lives? What can the society do in this regard? What measures need to be taken to prevent and combat bribery? For these and many other questions you might have, or seek to get a thorough answer for, our experts will provide detailed information in virtual roundtable discussions of the conference. So, don’t miss it!

What Can You Expect From This Virtual Conference?

The best and brightest minds in the field of Anti-Bribery and ISO 37001 will gather virtually for four days of learning and expertise sharing.

To have stimulating discussions, the conference will be designed in virtual panel sessions. During these panels, experts will discuss different topics related to Anti-Bribery regulations and the challenges that the world is facing regarding the combating of bribery.

This conference will be completely free to attend.

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Who Should Attend This Virtual Conference?

The PECB Anti-Bribery Conference 2021 is ideal for anyone who is interested to learn all about the latest trends and news related to Anti-Bribery and the ISO 37001 standard. Our stellar selection of panelists will make this virtual conference much more engaging and beneficial for organizations and individuals alike who wish to learn from some of the highest esteemed professionals in the world of Anti-Bribery.

What Can You Expect From This Virtual Conference?