COVID Regulations Manual for the PECB Insights Conference 2022

As PECB welcomes the Information Technology enthusiasts back in 2022 with a long-awaited return to in-person events, we continue to prioritize the safety of our attendees and staff. Both PECB and our community of attendees need to take new precautions when planning how we come together again in person for education and academic exchange.

PECB continues to monitor local and international policies and regulations regarding COVID-19. The changeable nature of the pandemic means that regular updates to this policy are required. We will notify attendees about any significant changes to this document that come after they register.

COVID-19 vaccination/recovered status as a condition of attendance

This Regulations Manual includes specific guidelines on health and safety issues to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the following events:

· Pre-Conference Training Courses

· PECB Insights Conference Sessions

PECB has a thorough on-site COVID-19 safety plan comprising a range of precautions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Underpinned by the restriction of access to immunization i.e. vaccinated or persons with a negative test, the plan is adjusted over time to ensure that it remains proportional to the course of the pandemic and the latest developments.

A mask-wearing policy may be in place, which will, at minimum, comply with Belgium’s local and national regulations at the time of the event and will be conveyed and executed for both, staff and attendees.

Capacities are reduced to limit crowding, and circulation routes/distancing guidelines will be in place.

Additional cleaning and disinfection protocols are in place as a measure, and hand sanitizing stations are provided in quantity throughout the floor.

Moreover, PECB will provide COVID-19 rapid testing for all who may display symptoms, have any health concerns, or want to ensure their safety measures are going at a successful rate while attending the conference.