Relive the best moments of the PECB Insights Conference 2019 in Brussels.

We were fascinated by the interaction, positive energy, and enthusiasm of the conference attendees. The 2019 conference will always be remembered as an event of inspiration, networking, and knowledge-sharing.

Find out what the conference participants, panelists, and moderators had to say about their experience at the PECB Insights Conference, and get a glimpse of the activities we did together.

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Access the future:
Blockchain in Cybersecurity

GDPR a year later? How effective have companies
been in complying with GDPR policies?

How to solve our Cybersecurity talent shortage?
– Round-Table Discussion

What will be the effects of Artificial Intelligence
on Information Security?

Why are we failing to keep the pace
with Cyberattacks?

Effet des technologies perturbatrices (IA et blockchain)
sur la gestion des risques

Dans quelle mesure les entreprises se sont-elles
conformées aux politiques RGPD ?

EBIOS 2018 – Avantages et


Fuites de données,
signalement et pénalités

Tendances, risques et stratégies en cybersécurité pour 2020 –
Juridique et réglementaire

Cyberattaques, risque et responsabilité


Intelligence artificielle et confidentialité


The Future of Blockchain –Trends, Risks and Outlooks


Lessons learned from the Facebook, Twitter, and British Airways data breaches


Tendances, risques et stratégies de cybersécurité pour 2020 – Technologie


Internet of Things, Risks and Security