PECB Insights Conference 2022 - The Aftermovie


Relive the entire PECB Insights Conference 2022 by watching all of the recorded sessions below.

The Need For Ethical Hacking: Why Organizations Need to Employ White Hat Hackers

Facebook’s Meta-Verse and its Impact on Privacy

No Cookies For Me: How Successful Will ePrivacy be at Reinforcing Digital Trust and Security?

GDPR vs. US Data Privacy Legislations: Which is Proving More Successful and Why

Blockchain and Tokenization: How Secure and Reliable is it?

Opting Out of Data Tracking: Apple’s Take on Privacy and Should Other Manufacturers Follow

Top cybersecurity risk predictions for 2023 and beyond

Cloud Security and Insecure APIs: How Crucial is Good API Management?

European Data Governance Act: How Are Regulations Keeping up With Improvements in Technology?

ISO/IEC 27002: How Will the New Version Impact ISO/IEC 27001?

EU Standard Contractual Clauses and the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework

CMMC 2.0 vs. ISO/IEC 27001 vs. Other Cybersecurity Frameworks: What you need to know

Internet of Things: New Trends and Risks

How Successful Will AI Advancement in Machine Learning Be at Preventing Cyber-attacks?

GDPR Turned Four: What Does the Future Hold?

A New Decade in Information Security and Privacy: What Can We Expect?