Anti-Bribery Conference
17-20 May 2021
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Anti-Bribery Conference

The Anti-Bribery Conference is an upcoming PECB online conference scheduled for 17-20 May 2021. The conference will contain panel sessions and stimulating discussions on the challenges of combating bribery, the ISO 37001 standard and its importance in this regard, and other related topics that help shape a better, trustworthy world.


Date Time (CET) Language Session
Monday, May 17 15:00-16:00 French Anti-Bribery in Times of the Pandemic: The COVID-19 Effect on the Fight against Corruption
Monday, May 17 15:00-16:00 English Anti-Bribery and Whistleblowing: Can You Have One without the Other?
Monday, May 17 15:00-16:00 Spanish Kleptocracy in Latin America: Different Ways to Fight Corruption
Tuesday, May 18 15:00-16:00 French The French Penal Code: How Successful Has Sapin II Been at Preventing Acts of Bribery and Influence                   Peddling?
Tuesday, May 18 15:00-16:00 English The Anti-Money Laundering Act: Shell Companies and Their Role in Money Laundering Schemes around the       Globe
Tuesday, May 18 15:00-16:00 Spanish Anti-Bribery and the Importance of Transparency and Access to Public Information
Wednesday, May 19 15:00-16:00 French ISO 37001 after Four Years: Review of Successes, Trends, and Expectations
Wednesday, May 19 15:00-16:00 English Can We Eradicate Corruption Through Blockchain Technology?
Wednesday, May 19 15:00-16:00 Spanish The Integration of Citizen Participation in the Fight Against Corruption
Thursday, May 20 15:00-16:00 French Sporadic vs. Systemic Corruption: The Mechanisms That Are Crippling the World Economy
Thursday, May 20 15:00-16:00 English Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrencies – Fighting Corruption and Money Laundering in the Digital Age
Thursday, May 20 15:00-16:00 Spanish Is an End to Corruption in Latin America Possible?


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Past Keynote Speakers


George Kohlrieser

IMD Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Former Hostage Negotiator

Kevin Mitnick

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mitnick Security Consulting
Chief Hacking Officer (CHO) of KnowBe4
United States

Joseph Dominick Pistone

Lectures World Organized Crime

Robert Mazur

Former Federal Agent, Special Investigator of Money Laundering
President at KYC Solutions, Inc.
United States

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