Date Time (CEST) Language Session
Monday, May 23 15:00-16:00 French Service Management System: How Crucial Is It?
Monday, May 23 15:00-16:00 English Achieving Excellence Through Quality: The Revision of ISO 9001 and Its Future
Monday, May 23 17:00-18:00 French Six Sigma: Friend or Foe to Corporate Management?
Monday, May 23 17:00-18:00 English Keeping a Record: ISO 30301 as an Aid to Organizational Success
Tuesday, May 24 15:00-16:00 French EU Medical Device Regulation: What Changes Should We Expect?
Tuesday, May 24 15:00-16:00 English Quality 4.0: How Can Quality Management Processes Benefit and Adapt in the Digital Era
Tuesday, May 24 17:00-18:00 French Remote Audits: Advantages and Disadvantages
Tuesday, May 24 17:00-18:00 English AI and ISO 9001: Are We Heading Towards Completely Digital Audits?