Date Time (CET) Language Session
Monday, May 17 15:00-16:00 French Anti-Bribery in Times of the Pandemic: The COVID-19 Effect on the Fight against Corruption
Monday, May 17 15:00-16:00 English Anti-Bribery and Whistleblowing: Can You Have One without the Other?
Monday, May 17 15:00-16:00 Spanish Kleptocracy in Latin America: Different Ways to Fight Corruption
Tuesday, May 18 15:00-16:00 French The French Penal Code: How Successful Has Sapin II Been at Preventing Acts of Bribery and Influence                   Peddling?
Tuesday, May 18 15:00-16:00 English The Anti-Money Laundering Act: Shell Companies and Their Role in Money Laundering Schemes around the       Globe
Tuesday, May 18 15:00-16:00 Spanish Anti-Bribery and the Importance of Transparency and Access to Public Information
Wednesday, May 19 15:00-16:00 French ISO 37001 after Four Years: Review of Successes, Trends, and Expectations
Wednesday, May 19 15:00-16:00 English Can We Eradicate Corruption Through Blockchain Technology?
Wednesday, May 19 15:00-16:00 Spanish The Integration of Citizen Participation in the Fight Against Corruption
Thursday, May 20 15:00-16:00 French Sporadic vs. Systemic Corruption: The Mechanisms That Are Crippling the World Economy
Thursday, May 20 15:00-16:00 English Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrencies – Fighting Corruption and Money Laundering in the Digital Age
Thursday, May 20 15:00-16:00 Spanish Is an End to Corruption in Latin America Possible?

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