Date Time (CET) Language Session
Monday, February 21 15:00-16:00 French The Fight Against Corruption: The role of ISO 37001 in Public and Private Sector
Monday, February 21 15:00-16:00 English Illicit Enrichment Laws: How Successful are They in Combating Corruption?
Monday, February 21 15:00-16:00 Spanish ISO 37001 and its Implementation in Latin America
Monday, February 21 17:00-18:00 French ISO 37301 and its Future: Are We Heading Towards a Completely Digital Anti-Bribery Compliance?
Monday, February 21 17:00-18:00 English Artificial Intelligence: Detecting Corruption Through Technology
Monday, February 21 17:00-18:00 Spanish Whistleblowing: ISO 37002 and its constructive approach to fighting corruption
Tuesday, February 22 15:00-16:00 French Investigating and Dealing with Corruption on a Corporate Level
Tuesday, February 22 15:00-16:00 English Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Its success in combating corruption inside and outside the US
Tuesday, February 22 15:00-16:00 Spanish Tools to bring ISO 37001 to best practices and standards
Tuesday, February 22 17:00-18:00 French ISO 37001 Under Review: What Changes Should We Expect?
Tuesday, February 22 17:00-18:00 English Shell Companies: How to Combat Money Laundering
Tuesday, February 22 17:00-18:00 Spanish Cryptocurrencies and tokenization: A new threat to the fight against tax evasion in Latin America?

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