PECB Anti-Bribery Conference 2021 Topics Explained

This year’s virtual Anti-Bribery Conference has built up a stellar selection of highly reputable panelists, all of which will come together on the week of May 17-20 to share with you their thoughts and expertise on the latest trends in the world of anti-bribery and the fight against corruption.

Unlike previous conferences, the sessions will be longer as they will last 60 minutes and for the first time ever in a PECB conference we are going to have sessions in Spanish, in addition to English and French. The conference program will cover topics such as Anti-Bribery, the future of ISO 37001, the new Anti-Money Laundering legislations, and the fight against corruption in a continuously changing world brimming with new advancements in AI and cybersecurity.

Session 1 – Anti-Bribery in Times of the Pandemic: The COVID-19 Effect on the Fight against Corruption

2020 has brought on one of the biggest challenges for individuals and businesses alike; the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many difficulties for organizations to function properly and remotely. This session will cover all the different ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the fight against corruption and how different organizations have taken precautious steps to continue this fight.

Session 2 – Anti-Bribery and Whistleblowing: Can You Have One without the Other?

This session will discuss the relationship between the fight against corruption and whistleblowing. Furthermore, the panelists will share their expertise and opinions on whether this relationship is symbiotic or not.

Session 3 – Kleptocracy in Latin America: Different Ways to Fight Corruption

The term “Kleptocracy” refers to a state ruled by unrestrained political corruption. This panel will address all the different ways that organizations and individuals alike can fight corruption in a state of Kleptocracy, with a specific focus in Latin America.

Session 4 – The French Penal Code: How Successful Has Sapin II Been at Preventing Acts of Bribery and Influence Peddling?

The new Sapin II law in France is aimed at significantly strengthening and improving the anti-corruption system currently in place in France. Panelists here will discuss the successfulness of this fairly new law, while at the same time discussing all the ways that it can improve and take the fight against corruption to a new level.

Session 5 – The Anti-Money Laundering Act: Shell Companies and Their Role in Money Laundering Schemes around the Globe

The new Anti-Money Laundering Act in the US will have a lot of implications for shell companies that launder money around the globe. The panelists in this session will discuss those implications and the effect that will be noticed in the coming years. The ethical implications of these shell companies will further be discussed in this panel.

Session 6 – Anti-Bribery and the Importance of Transparency and Access to Public Information

This conference session will discuss just how crucial transparency is in the fight against corruption and all the different ways that access to public information will help raise awareness for this fight.

Session 7 – ISO 37001 after Four Years: Review of Successes, Trends, and Expectations

ISO 37001 sets the standard for the fight against corruption; however, with a world that is dynamically changing day after day, it is important to understand what the future holds for this standard. The panelists will provide an overview of the standard so far, and they will share their expectations of what to expect in the next four years.

Session 8 – Can We Eradicate Corruption Through Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is becoming more and more reliant every day. Its popularity and usage has also increased in recent years. This session will discuss the possibility of fighting and eliminating corruption altogether by using this fairly new technology.

Session 9 – The Integration of Citizen Participation in the Fight against Corruption

This session will cover the importance of integration of citizen participation in winning the fight against corruption. Furthermore, the panelists will discuss any possible drawbacks to this and the overall advantages and disadvantages.

Session 10 – Sporadic vs. Systemic Corruption: The Mechanisms That Are Crippling the World Economy

There’s two very prominent forms of corruption and this session will delve deeper into both of them and discuss how they contribute to corruption and the crippling of the world economy. Panelists will also discuss the ways that these forms of corruption can be fought.

Session 11 – Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrencies – Fighting Corruption and Money Laundering in the Digital Age

There are new discoveries being made with each passing day regarding AI and Cryptocurrencies. This panel will discuss the possible ways that these advancements in technology will help to combat corruption, while also discussing some of the drawbacks to using them.

Session 12 – Is an End to Corruption in Latin America Possible?

A world without corruption is the ultimate goal. However, would such a thing be possible to achieve? This session will discuss this very possibility with a specific focus in Latin America by providing different viewpoints based on their expert opinions.

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