PECB Anti-Bribery Conference 2022 Topics Explained

The upcoming virtual Anti-Bribery Conference has amassed a selection of highly reputable panelists, all of which will come together on February 21-22 to share with you their thoughts and expertise on the latest trends in the world of anti-bribery and the fight against corruption on a global scale.

The conference will feature two sets of three simultaneous sessions in English, French, and Spanish. The virtual panels will last one hour, with the first three sessions beginning at 3:00 PM CET followed by three more sessions at 5:00 PM CET.

The conference program will cover topics such as Anti-Bribery, the future of ISO 37001, the new Anti-Money Laundering legislations, and the fight against corruption in a continuously changing world brimming with new advancements in AI and cybersecurity.

Session 1 – The Fight against Corruption: The role of ISO 37001 in Public and Private Sector (French)

Corruption has proved quite problematic in both the private and public sectors of many industries. In this session, experts will discuss in a virtual roundtable the role ISO 37001 has played in fighting corruption and bribery and how successful it has been.

Session 2 – Illicit Enrichment Laws: How Successful are they in Combating Corruption? (English)

Illicit Enrichment Laws have been prevalent for a long time, but just how successful have they been in combating corruption? Join the discussion with anti-bribery professionals as they discuss the many ways these laws have been successful and where they can be improved.

Session 3 – ISO 37001 and its Implementation in Latin America (Spanish)

Latin America has a long history in the fight against corruption, but how much has ISO 37001 contributed to this fight? Join experts as they discuss this and more about the standard’s implementation in different countries in Latin America.

Session 4 – ISO 37001 and its Future: Are We Heading Towards a Completely Digital Anti-Bribery Compliance? (French)

Technology is advancing at such a rapid speed that a completely digital future is no longer a faraway concept, but an imminent reality. Experts from all around the world will discuss the effect it will have on the future of anti-bribery compliance. Is it possible that we are heading to a completely digital anti-bribery compliance? Find out this and more during this virtual roundtable discussion.

Session 5 – Artificial Intelligence: Detecting Corruption through Technology (English)

The field of artificial intelligence is one that has garnered much attention and focus in the past decade. Join experts as they discuss the possibilities of detecting corruption through artificial intelligence and how much progress is being made in this field.

Session 6 – Whistleblowing: ISO 37002 and Its Constructive Approach to Fighting Corruption (Spanish)

Whistleblowing has always been a compelling subject. In this session dedicated to ISO 37002, the new Whistleblowing Management System Standard, experts will discuss its many benefits and how this new standard is paving the path to a much more constructive way of fighting corruption and bribery.

Session 7 – Investigating and Dealing with Corruption on a Corporate Level (French)

Corruption can be found on many levels and sectors, whether it be private or public, individual or corporate. This session will focus on a very important issue, specifically, corruption on a corporate level. Panelists will discuss the different ways that this type of corruption is investigated and how it can be fought in a very proactive way.

Session 8 – Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Its success in combating corruption inside and outside the US (English)

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, prohibiting U.S. citizens and entities from bribing foreign government officials to profit from their business appeals – has many people divided on how successful it has been. Join experts as they discuss this and more and its effect inside and outside the US.

Session 9 – Tools to bring ISO 37001 to best practices and standards (Spanish)

A panel made out of ISO 37001 experts will discuss and elaborate on the different ways and different tools that can be used to get the most out of the Anti-Bribery Management System for all individuals and organizations alike.

Session 10 – ISO 37001 Under Review: What Changes Should We Expect? (French)

Join Anti-Bribery and ISO 37001 experts as they discuss the latest trends and developments in regards to the updates being made in ISO 37001, which is currently under review. This is a great panel for everyone wishing to understand more about what the future of the Anti-Bribery Management System holds and how to best prepare for it.

Session 11 – Shell Companies: How to Combat Money Laundering (English)

One of the biggest threats to the fight against corruption is shell companies. Join world-renowned experts in this virtual roundtable discussion as they discuss the many ways we can combat money laundering and what auditors and officials need to be on the lookout for when investigating shell companies.

Session 12 – Cryptocurrencies and Tokenization: A New Threat to the Fight against Tax Evasion in Latin America? (Spanish)

Cryptocurrencies and tokenization are at an all-time high, and while they both have their benefits, experts are beginning to get worried about all the ways that they can be misused in regard to corruption. An expert panel will discuss how cryptocurrencies and tokenization are already beginning to be used as a means of tax evasion in Latin America and how this phenomenon can be stopped.

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