PECB Insights Virtual Conference 2020 Topics Explained

This year’s Insights Virtual Conference has built up a stellar selection of highly reputable panelists, all of which will come together on the week of November 16-19 to share with you their thoughts and expertise on latest trends in the world of Digital Transformation, Security, and Privacy.

This year, each session will last 45 minutes covering a myriad of topics such as Business Continuity, Blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

Sessions 1 and 2 – Dealing with the unpredictable – Different ways to implement business continuity to best overcome unpredictable events such as the COVID-19 pandemic

The year 2020 has brought on one of the largest challenges for individuals and businesses alike; the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many difficulties for organizations to function properly and remotely. This session will cover different ways that organizations can adopt in order to deal with such unpredictable events by better implementing business continuity in the future. Panelists from different areas of expertise will come together and discuss how organizations can be better prepared in the future and what they can do now to undo some of the damage that the pandemic has caused.

Session 3 – Blockchain: What are the typical inherent security issues?

Blockchain seems to be the future for many large organizations providing more feasibility and ease of use; however, is it as secure as we would all like it to be? This session discusses all the security issues that Blockchain faces now and will face in the future.

Session 4 – The growing adoption of biometric technology: Does it protect our privacy as it protects our devices’ security?

The world of technology seems to expand astronomically day by day. With this expansion has started the use of biometric systems that aim to provide a better and more efficient security system for our technological devices. Experts from the world of technology will discuss just how reliant these systems are at protecting our privacy when it comes to facial recognition and fingerprint identification software.

Session 5 – ISO/IEC 27701 and GDPR: What are the security issues most prevalent when working remotely from home, and how is it best to overcome them?

This year, many individuals faced the difficult challenge of adapting to working remotely. This session will help shed some light on the security issues brought about by this change ofworking space, where GDPR exerts and ISO/IEC 27701 certified trainers help explain how to better overcome these security issues.

Session 6 – Data protection and the risks associated with cloud computing. Do the security risks outweigh its benefits on ease of remote work during times of pandemic?

Now more than ever organizations and businesses alike are relying on cloud computing as a way to store and transfer data faster and easier since a large number of their employees are working remotely. This session aims to outline all of the benefits and security risks in order to understand if the future is safe with cloud computing.

Session 7 – GDPR turned 2 this year: How successful has the regulation been in information security and where will it go 2 years from now?

GDPR has become an integral part in the world of technology. Join the discussion with GDPR experts to find out more about how successful this regulation has been in information security and find out what to expect from it in the near future.

Session 8 – AI Weaponization by Hackers: The risks of Cyberspace security now and in the future

The world of Artificial Intelligence is growing exponentially with the many advancements in technology. AI is aimed at making our lives easier through machine learning; however, it is still unknown how secure is it when it comes to hackers and its weaponization. Could we be facing a future where AI can be used solely for purposes of destruction? Join esteemed professionals in the field of AI to better understand its future and risks.

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