PECB Quality Management Conference 2022 Topics Explained

Seize this opportunity to join our PECB Quality Management Conference 2022 and connect with C-level professionals to discuss the latest trends and developments in the world of Quality Management, with a specific focus on ISO 9001 and topics centered on Six Sigma, Quality 4.0, ISO 30301, and much more!

This PECB Quality Management Conference will include a series of virtual round-table discussions, providing participants with the chance to hear from multiple experts in English and French. The participants can expect to learn new insights on the latest trends, in addition to obtaining valuable information on a range of chosen topics. Furthermore, participants will have the chance to engage and ask questions to the panelists.

The conference is a great opportunity to come together with professionals in your field from all around the world. Connections made at PECB Conferences are long-lasting and provide attendees with new potential business ventures.

Session 1 – Service Management System: How Crucial Is It? (French)

Service Management is applicable for all organizations, from manufacturing, food, healthcare, and more, which brings together aspects of organization management such as planning, strategies, documentation, etc. The service management system realizes the goals of the service organization in a structured way, and it leaves us wondering how crucial it is for an organization. Join in on this session and follow Service Management System experts and professionals come together to help us understand the importance of it.

Session 2- Achieving Excellence through Quality: The Revision of ISO 9001 and Its Future (English)

Professionals from all over the world gather together in this session to look at the detail behind the revision of ISO 9001 and its future, the benefits of quality management systems, improvements and clarifications, as well as the key points to consider through this revision. And best of all, how can an organization achieve excellence through quality. Check this out and more during this virtual round-table discussion.

Session 3 – Six Sigma: Friend or Foe to Corporate Management? (French)

“Six Sigma is a quality program that, when all is said and done, improves your customer’s experience, lowers your costs, and builds better leaders.” — Jack Welch

Six Sigma at many establishments simply means a norm of quality that aims near perfection. Albeit, does this pose a potential threat for corporate management, or is it just the opposite? Join in to learn about this and more!

Session 4 – Keeping a Record: ISO 30301 as an Aid to Organizational Success (English)

ISO 30301 serves as a guide for organizations to achieve objectives such as improving processes, systematic processes, and evaluation – and while the human memory capacity is a beautiful thing, records are a matter of practicability. Join in on this session and listen to the experts in the field of organizational success, where they discuss how ISO 30301 helps achieve this.

Session 5 – EU Medical Device Regulation: What Changes Should We Expect? (French)

In a loose sense, the updated Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) seeks to improve the quality and safety of medical devices by increasing how they are assessed and certified beforehand; making the data used for approvals more transparent; improving post-marketing surveillance, and reducing administrative duties on manufacturers. Join in as medical field experts elaborate and discuss more on this topic.

Session 6 – Quality 4.0: How Can Quality Management Processes Benefit and Adapt in the Digital Era (English)

Quality 4.0 provides various possibilities to automate compliance. Today’s tech providers deliver highly customizable, automated, and connected QMS solutions and even offer tools to automate verification. Companies should evaluate their current compliance systems and procedures to determine where headways can be made. In this session, experts will discuss how quality management processes best fit into the digital era.

Session 7 – Remote Audits: Advantages and Disadvantages (French)

While remote audits have many benefits, such as improving the efficiency of the audit by lowering travel time, enabling more comprehensive access of competence, expanding your reach, and mitigating risk – it also seems to have a few drawbacks, such as lost direct relations with the auditee, as the benefits of having a personal connection with the auditees should not be overlooked. Join in on this session and hear field professionals and auditors who will discuss the pros and cons of remote audits in this rapidly growing digital world.

Session 8 – AI and ISO 9001: Are We Heading Towards Completely Digital Audits? (English)

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most rapidly growing fields in this past decade and one of the topics that has gained the most attention in the information technology world. While many are still wagering the pros and cons of remote audits – Digital audits are being well considered. Join artificial intelligence and ISO 9001 experts as they discuss whether this is at all a doable process.

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